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The blockchain platform for issuing, buying and trading
corporate bonds
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Financing through bond issuance

Today's bond markets are in need of a drastic makeover.Traditional markets are opaque, inefficient and have unnecessarily high costs.
In addition, it is practically impossible for many companies to issue bonds through a simple and uniform standard.
A lot of confusion for both the issuer and the investor, where only the traditional trading platforms benefit.

Bondex offers the solution

A standardized platform, easy to set up and clear for everyone.
No issuance via a centralized trading platform but invest directly at the issuer.
Financing powered by the community.

Bondex for Entrepreneurs

Raising funds and saving costs by using blockchain technology
Issuing bonds under your own management, not dependent on external platforms, data is and remains with the issuer
Whitelabel or fully managed funding solutions available
Management dashboard and overviews of bond holders register, KYC protocol and easy payment of coupon / interest payments to bondholders

Bondex for Investors

Uniform investment methods within all bond funds
Divert investment portfolio across various projects without the use of banks and brokers
Flexibility through the use of blockchain technology and transferability of the bond tokens
Personal dashboard, overview of your investments / tokens and interest income


What Is Bondex?
Bondex is the blockchain platform for issuing, buying and trading corporate bonds
What is a Bond?
A bond is a fixed income investment in which an investor loans money to an entity which borrows the funds for a defined period of time at a variable or fixed interest rate. Bonds are used to raise money and finance a variety of projects and activities. Owners of bonds are debtholders, or creditors, of the issuer.
How to buy Bonds?
Register and make a account online. You can register at , or at any bond issuing company using the Bondex software. With your login credentials, you can sign in at every IBO(Initial Bond Offering) and buy bond tokens.For receiving bond tokens, you will need an ERC20 compatible wallet.You can download the Bondex app for more more convenience here . Buying bond tokens at an IBO can be done by payment in EUR or Ether. Buying bond tokens on the DEX can be done by Ether. Watch our explainer video for more information about buying bond tokens at an IBO. ▶︎ Watch our explainer video for more information about buying bond tokens on the DEX. ▶︎
How to sell Bonds?
Bondex developed a decentralized exchange ( DEX ) for secondary trading of bonds. For selling your bonds, you can set the amount and price of bond tokens you want sell from each specific fund. Orders are set in EUR but the transaction will be fulfilled with Ether. You can exchange Ether to Euros directly on your bankaccount afterwards. Watch our explainer for more information about selling bond tokens using the DEX. ▶︎
How to start?
Create an account at or any bond issuing company using the Bondex software. Make sure you invest wisely and read all the specific terms and conditions like prospectus, memorandum and/or whitepaper before you invest. Make an account here .

About Us

Bondex is a collaboration between Bloqbuster Group and Flashboys. Started working together on relative small project
for issuing bonds on a local level and right away both saw there was a big potential to use blockchain in this alternative financing model.
Issuers in need of extra finance can create their own whitelabel or managed bond issuing portal and rely on the best software there is for registration of bondholders and disbursing coupon interest towards investors.

Using decentralized technology but still be compliant with local regulations due to the built in KYC & AML procedures.
Connecting decentralized blockchain solutions to real life assets. This is Bondex.

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